LCM – The Least Common Multiple of two integers

LCM – The Least Common Multiple of two integers

' the Least Common Multiple of two integers' (it uses the Euclide's algorithm)' if either argument is zero you get a "Division by Zero" error'' Note: if your app also includes the CGD() function,'       you can simplify the following code as follows:'       LCM = (n1 * n2)  GCD(n1, n2)Function LCM(ByVal n1 As Long, ByVal n2 As Long) As Long    Dim tmp As Long, product As Long    product = n1 * n2    ' the following block evaluates the GCD    ' of the two numbers    Do        ' swap the items so that n1 >= n2        If n1 < n2 Then            tmp = n1            n1 = n2            n2 = tmp        End If        ' take the modulo        n1 = n1 Mod n2    Loop While n1    ' now n2 contains the GCD of the two numbers    ' The LCM is equal to (n1*n2)  GCD(n1,n2)    LCM = product  n2End Function

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