Split2 – A Split variant that parses multiple lines of text

Split2 – A Split variant that parses multiple lines of text

' A Split variant that parses a string that contains' row and column separators, and returns a 2-dimensional array'' the result String array has a number of columns equal' to the highest number of fields in individual text linesFunction Split2(ByVal Text As String, Optional ByVal RowSeparator As String = _    vbCrLf, Optional ByVal ColSeparator As String = ",") As String()    Dim lines() As String    Dim cols() As String    Dim r As Long    Dim c As Long        ' first, split the string in lines    lines() = Split(Text, RowSeparator)    ' initialize the result array    ' start with just one column    ReDim res(UBound(lines), 0) As String        ' parse each line of text    For r = 0 To UBound(lines)        cols() = Split(lines(r), ColSeparator)                ' resize the result array if necessary        If UBound(cols) > UBound(res, 2) Then            ReDim Preserve res(UBound(lines), UBound(cols)) As String        End If        ' copy the individual values        For c = 0 To UBound(cols)            res(r, c) = cols(c)        Next    Next            Split2 = res()    End Function

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