AsciiEncode – Convert a string to its ASCII representation

' Convert a string to its ASCII representation' Example: Response.Write(AsciiEncode("hello"))'   ==> hello'' Note: this may be useful when you're producing the code for HTML forms with ' hidden/visible field, and you want to make a little more difficult for the ' user to understand the name (you can also "encrypt" the name,'  not just the value) and value of those fields, if they look at the page's ' source code. The browser will correctly interpret the values anyway.Function AsciiEncode(ByVal value As String) As String    Dim encValue As New System.Text.StringBuilder(value.Length * 6)    Dim c As Char    ' encode each char to its ASCII representation    For Each c In value        encValue.Append("&#")        encValue.Append(Convert.ToInt32(c))        encValue.Append(";")    Next    Return encValue.ToString()End Function

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