ConcatenateStrings – Concatenating an array of strings

ConcatenateStrings – Concatenating an array of strings

' Concatenate the input strings, and return the resulting string. The first ' input string is used as a separator.'' Example:'   Dim i As Integer = 4'   Dim d As Double = 34.45'   Dim s As String = "VB-2-The-Max"'   Dim ret As String = ConcatenateStrings(" ", s, "is a nice site, ins't it?",'  "It has been online for", i, "years.", "Just test the function with a Double ' now:", d)'   MessageBox.Show(ret)Function ConcatenateStrings(ByVal sep As String, ByVal ParamArray args() As _    Object) As String    Dim builder As New System.Text.StringBuilder()    ' add each item of the input array to the StringBuilder's string    Dim o As Object    For Each o In args        If builder.Length > 0 Then            ' add the separator if this is not the first item we add            builder.Append(sep)        End If        builder.Append(o)    Next    ' return the final string    Return builder.ToString()End Function' If all arguments are strings, then the following method is simpler and faster:Function ConcatenateStrings2(ByVal sep As String, ByVal ParamArray args()As String) As String    Return String.Join(sep, args)End Function

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