RestoreDatabase – Restoring a SQL Server database

' Restore the specified database.' Note: requires Imports System.Data.SqlClient'' Example:'   Dim connString As String = "server=(local); user id=sa; password=; ' Database=master;"'   Try'      RestoreDatabase(connString, "MyTestDB", "D:MyTestDbBackup.bak")'   Catch ex As Exception'      MessageBox.Show(ex.Message)'   End TrySub RestoreDatabase(ByVal connString As String, ByVal dbName As String, _    ByVal backupFile As String)    Dim cn As New SqlConnection(connString)    Try        ' the command for restoring the DB        Dim cmdBackup As New SqlCommand("RESTORE DATABASE [" & dbName & _            "] FROM DISK = '" & backupFile & "'", cn)        cn.Open()        cmdBackup.ExecuteNonQuery()    Finally        cn.Close()    End TryEnd Sub

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