AddComPlusApplication – Creating a new COM+ application

AddComPlusApplication – Creating a new COM+ application

' Create a new COM+ application, and return True if the operation is successfull' Note: requires a reference to the COM+ Admin Type Library'' Example: AddComPlusApplication("MyComPlusApp", "")Function AddComPlusApplication(ByVal applicationName As String, _    ByVal serverName As String) As Boolean    Dim catalog As New COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalog    catalog.Connect(serverName)    ' get the Applications collection    Dim apps As COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalogCollection = CType _        (catalog.GetCollection("Applications"), _        COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalogCollection)    apps.Populate()    If apps.AddEnabled Then        'Check to ensure duplicate is not created        Dim i As Integer        For i = 0 To apps.Count - 1            If applicationName = CType(apps.Item(i), _                COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalogObject).Name.ToString() Then                Return False            End If        Next i        Dim application As COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalogObject = CType(apps.Add(), _            COMAdmin.COMAdminCatalogObject)        application.Value("Name") = CType(applicationName, Object)        apps.SaveChanges()        Return True    End If    Return FalseEnd Function

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