Uploading a Large Number of Records in DB2

When you’re carrying out an database-intensive operations, like trying to insert a lot of records in one transaction or opening a bunch of connections at the same time, you run the risk of encountering various database configuration-related issues. Below are some of the frequent problems/exceptions that can occur, and their solutions.

  1. Problem: The error message is SQL0912N. This tell you that the maximum number of lock requests has been reached for the database. Solution Increase the locklist using the following DB2 command:
    db2 update db cfg for  using LOCKLIST 

    is the value you are assigning to the parameter. The default value for LOCKLIST is 100.

  2. Problem: The error message is SQL0964C. This means the transaction log for the database is full. Solution: Increase the primary and secondary DB2 logs using the following commands:
    DB2 update db cfg for  using LOGPRIMARY DB2 update db cfg for  using LOGSECOND 

    You might also need to increase the log file size using the following command:

    DB2 update db cfg for  using LOGFILSIZ 
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