Passing to Functions

Passing to Functions

Just started crunching similar code into functions. How do you pass an arguement to a function that references a control? It’s prob really simple eh?

Here is an example that passes a combobox to a function:

   Function PlayWithCombo (Box as ComboBox)   rest of function code
The call for this is just as simple: PlayWithCombo ComboBoxNamePlease note that in VB3.0 you can only pass single controls to functions…control arrays are not allowed. You can of course pass an item in a control array — not the whole array.In VB4.0 you can pass an entire control array. In the following code snippet, Command1 is the control array.
Private Sub Command2_Click()test Command1End SubSub test(mycontrolarray As Variant) -mycontrolarray can also be object For Each elem In mycontrolarray   elem.Caption = “test” NextEnd Sub


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