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I am using custom toolbars in my application. When I call the QBF form, ithas a default menu bar. How can I get rid of this?

While the default QBF capability is a great feature of Power Objects, it issomething of a black box. The QBF form is created and called from a pushbutton in the default toolbar, or from any push button that has a commandcode of 5125.

The 5125 constant for calling a QBF form is an internalconstant, assigned by the OPO development team. You can use it, but thereis always a possibility that the number will change in futurereleases.

Unfortunately, that is the beginning and end of your control over the QBFform, which like most other forms has its toolbar set in its internalInitializeWindow() method. That method, like the rest of the QBFform, is not accessible.

The only way to modify the QBF form is to replace the entire form. You cancreate your own form with its own toolbar and call this form for your QBFform, or you can add code to the DoCommand() method code to interceptthe 5125 command code and call your own form, as in:

SELECT CASE        CASE 5125                frmQBF.OpenWindow()                DoCommand = TRUEEND SELECT

When you return TRUE from the DoCommand() function, the defaultprocessing of the cmdCode variable is suppressed so that the 5125command code will not call the default QBF form.

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