Lock failure

Lock failure

I am using the Japanese version of OPO. Occasionally, I get an error messagethat says ‘Failed to lock row.’ It doesn’t happen all the time. What makesOPO lock a row?

The problem is not you – it’s everyone else!

Power Objects supports only a pessimistic locking model at this time. Thismeans that OPO attempts to lock a row when you start to edit the row in yourapplication.

When OPO tries to lock a row but finds that the row is already locked, youwill see the error message you have been receiving. Since locks are theprimary mechanism to protect data integrity, OPO does the right thing inthis situation.

My understanding is that version 2 will contain a new method allowing you tointercept database errors, so you will be able to address this potentialproblem with specific corrective actions.


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