Connecting two office computers via Ethernet 10BaseT without concentrator

I want to connect two office computers together temporarily via Ethernet 10BaseT without a concentrator. I believe I use the 1, 2, 3 and 6 wires in an eight-wire TP cable. If this is correct, what are the pin assignments in the alternate RJ-45 ends?

For 10BaseT Ethernet, the pin-outs are as follows:

At the network interface card of NIC:

1:Transmit +
2: Transmit –
3: Receive +
4: not used
5:not used
6:Receive –
7: not used
8:not used

If you connect via a hub, please note that the pin-outs at the hub are as follows (the Tx+ goes to the Rx+, the Tx- goes to Rx-, and vice-versa):

1:Receive +
2: Receive –
3: Transmit +
4: not used
5:not used
6:Transmit –
7:not used
8:not used

On the other hand, if you choose to connect two NICs, construct a cable to connect the Tx+ from one end to the Rx + at the other, Tx- from one end to Rx – at the other, and vice-versa. Therefore, the cable end connecting to the second NIC without a hub would appear as follows:

Pin 1 should go to Pin 3
Pin 2 should go to Pin 6
Pin 3 should go to Pin 1
Pin 6 should go to Pin 2

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