String to int

String to int

I’m a new Java developer and was wondering if there is an easy way to grab information from a String object and place it into an “int”. For example:

String sTemp = new String("10");int    iTemp;

How do I get “sTemp” into “iTemp”? There is no “atoi” function in Java.

The Java core API does posses a method equivalent to the C atoi() function in Java. It just isn’t located where you might think tofind it. The java.lang.Integer class contains a method called parseInt()which will convert a String into an int. The Float, Double, and Longclasses also contain analogous methods to convert strings into numbers.They also contain toString() methods to perform the conversion of numbersinto strings. The following program will take two arguments, add them,and print the result:

public final class ParseIntExample {  public static final void main(String[] args) {    int num1, num2, sum;    if(args.length != 2) {      System.err.println("Usage: ParseIntExample  ");      return;    }    try {      num1 = Integer.parseInt(args[0]);      num2 = Integer.parseInt(args[1]);    } catch(NumberFormatException e) {      System.err.println("You must provide two integer arguments.");      return;    }    sum = num1 + num2;    System.out.println(num1 + " + " + num2 + " = " + sum);  }}


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