How do I delete the _vti_ directory?

How do I delete the _vti_ directory?

Hi, I set up a web project using Microsoft Personal Web Server using InterDev 1.0 on my Windows 95 computer and now I can not delete the Websharedirectory! When I try to delete the Webshare folder I get this exciting error message (says I am sharing the directory, others may be using it, and am I sure I want to delete it). If I click YES, I do want to delete the folder despite the share, it simply pops the same message back at me adnauseum. Then I tried to change the name of the directory to try to “trick” Windows into letting go of it’s grip on my directory. No luck.If anyone happens to know how to delete this directory I’d appreciate the help very much. Thanks!!

I suspect that Personal Web Server is holding on to the directory or, more likely, a DLL within one of the subdirectories.
Stop PWS and reboot the computer (making sure the Web service doesn’t restart). Then, try deleting the DLLs embedded in all those _vti_ subdirectories. After that, delete the lowest subdirectories in any Webs you have created and work your way up to the top.


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