SQL Database setup

SQL Database setup

I am writing a CGI program to query an SQL database for a client’s information. I will then create a Microsoft Access database from this querry to pass to a requesting customer.

The company that wrote the program that uses the SQL database will give me only the login name and password for the database. How do I find out what tables, record fields, indexes, and so on, exit in the database? I have a lot of code ready for my project, but I lack the SQL knowledge to querry the database.I have read several books on sql and none of them give me enough information to find out how the database is structrued.Brian

Microsoft has appropriately named its help function sp_help. This will give you a listing of every object in the database. To get more information about a particular table you can then say sp_help table_name.There are many other such helpful stored procedures. You can easily find a list of them in the SQL Server Online Books.


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