Migrate Access97 Apps with InterDev

Migrate Access97 Apps with InterDev


I am trying to migrate an Access97 database application to a Web-based application. I bought InterDev because it purportedly makes this process easy. But I cannot create a form with InterDev 6.0 that doesn’t error out and give me no clue where the error is. My form should have comboboxes based on a query to the database, and multiselect list boxes. The record sets get established just fine, but when I attempt to view, it’s as if the query never runs. I’m running this on a Windows 95 machine with MS-PWS.

It just isn’t working and I’d like to know what resources are available to help me better understand where the problem is and what I can do to correct it. Would you recommend something? Will you help? Thanks.


It does sound like your query is not working. In VID6, you need to pass the WHERE parameters to your recordset before you actually fetch it. You can do this by adding an onbeforeopen event to your recordset:

Sub Recordset1_onbeforeopen()strSQL = [your select statement here]  Recordset1.setSQLText(strSQL)End Sub
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