Integration with Word97 Adding Page Number

Integration with Word97 Adding Page Number

I am attempting to use OLE between PB5 and Word97. I want to add two fields into the header of the document. I want to add the Page number and the Section Number. I have used Word6 and used the InsertField function to add a “PAGENUM” field. Now, using Word8, I wish to do the same thing functionally. I am attempting to use ActiveDocument.Fields.Add to add the field in Word97, but I am having problems.

The following code is an example of how to add the pagenumber and page count to a Word document in the footer of the document:

lole_OLE.ActiveWindow.View.SeekView = 10lole_Selection = lole_OLE.Selectionlole_Selection.TypeText( 'This is the footer' )lole_Selection.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = 1lole_Selection.TypeParagraphlole_Selection.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = 2lole_Selection.Fields.Add( lole_Selection.Range, 33 ) // Page Numlole_Selection.TypeText( ' - ' )lole_Selection.Fields.Add( lole_Selection.Range, 26 ) // Num Pageslole_OLE.ActiveWindow.View.SeekView = 0

To add the section to the current document, you need to use the value of wdFieldSection or 65 in PowerBuilder. So the command would look like:

lole_Selection.Fields.Add( lole_Selection.Range, 65 ) // section number

The lole_OLE is a reference to the Word object and lole_selection is used to speed up the OLE processing by getting a handle to the selection OLE object.

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