Sending Internet E-mail

Sending Internet E-mail

I am trying to send e-mail from my PowerBuilder app to an e-mail address that is not in my address book; it’s an Internet e-mail address. I do not have any trouble sending e-mail inside the company.

We use GroupWise and I tried adding “GWIA:” to the beginning of the address, which lets us send e-mail to addresses outside the company, but that did not help.

Can you give me any suggestions?

The easiest way is to use the ShellExecute function and execute the mailto command. Declare the following API call:

 FUNCTION long ShellExecuteA( long hWnd, REF String ls_Operation,    REF String ls_File, REF String ls_Parameters, REF String    ls_Directory, INT nShowCmd ) library 'shell32'

Then add the following PowerScript:

 String ls_Command, ls_Dir, ls_Args, ls_URLSetPointer( HourGlass! )ls_Command = "open"ls_Dir = ""ls_Args = ""ls_URL = 'mailto:[email protected]'ShellExecuteA( 0, ls_Command, ls_URL, ls_Args, ls_Dir, 5 )

Unfortunately, there’s no way to send this mail automatically. You could try using MAPI if you have a MAPI-compatible mail client such as Outlook available. As far as I know, GroupWise is not MAPI-compatible, but it’s been a long time since I’ve used it.

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