Faxing a Report via WinFax Pro

Faxing a Report via WinFax Pro

I want to output a report by Visual FoxPro 6.0 and fax it by WinFax Pro 9.0. I can output my report to an ASCII file which is then attached to a fax with DDE code. However, the ASCII format shifts or cuts the lines of the report.

Can I save the report in another format? Or can I use REPORT FORM to fax it right away? Or do you have a better solution?

There should be no reason to convert the report to ASCII. I believe that WinFax is configured as a printer driver. This means that if you set WinFax as the default printer and then execute your REPORT FORM command (without the ASCII option) it will convert the printed document to a fax and send it over the modem.


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