Enabling Sharing Tab

Enabling Sharing Tab

Can you please tell me how I can enable the sharing tab when sharing local drives? I’m using an NT Workstation 4.0 and when I’m logged on as an administrator, the sharing tab is present. But if I’m logged on as ordinary user, the sharing tab is NOT present. Can you please tell me how to enable this?

It cannot be done in NT. The underlying API used by this tab is NetShareAdd, and the following information is from the MSDN documentation on that API call:

Security Requirements
“Only members of the Administrators or Account Operators local group or those with Communication, Print, or Server operator group membership can successfully execute the NetShareAdd function. The Print operator can add only Printer queues. The Communication operator can add only communication-device queues.”

You can create the shares in Win95/98 because these operating systems are not secure.


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