Mouse Click Coordinate

Mouse Click Coordinate

I know how to detect a mouse click with a MouseListener, but how doI obtain the coordinates associated with the click?

If you already know how to detect a mouse click, you’re just one stepaway from being able to retrieve the coordinates associated with theclick. To detect a mouse click in a component, you register aMouseListener with the addMouseListener() method defined injava.awt.Component. This allows you to detect when the mouse ispressed, released, or clicked in a component. It also allows you todetect when the mouse enters or leaves the component. Each time oneof these events occurs, the appropriate MouseListener method isinvoked with a MouseEvent as an argument.

For all of these events, the MouseEvent will contain the coordinates of the mouse at the time of the event. You can get the coordinates together as a Point objectwith getPoint(), or separately with getX() and getY(). Thecoordinates will be returned relative to the component reporting theevent. You can use translatePoint(int x, int y) to convert thecoordinates to be relative to the entire screen or some othercomponent.


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