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EMC, VMware Launch Pivotal Initiative Spin-Off

The new company will focus on cloud development and related products.


EMC and VMware are spinning off a new company called Pivotal Initiative that will focus on cloud development products from both firms. Those products include VMware's vFabric cloud computing software, the Spring lightweight Java development framework and VMware's open source Cloud Foundry PaaS. In addition, Pivotal Initiative will offer agile application development tools from Pivotal Labs, which EMC acquired last May. Paul Maritz, a former VMware CEO and EMC chief strategy officer, will lead the new company.

"We are experiencing a major change in the wide-scale move to cloud computing, which includes both infrastructural transformation and transformation of how applications will be built and used, based on cloud, mobility and big data," blogged VMware's Terry Anderson. She added, "The Pivotal Initiative signals an entirely new level of focused investment and organization to maximize the impact that these assets can have for customers and EMC's path forward."

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