Report: 70% of Enterprises Plan to Increase Cloud Storage Spending

Report: 70% of Enterprises Plan to Increase Cloud Storage Spending

451 Research has released the results of a new survey which found that 70 percent of IT professionals surveyed expect their organizations to increase their cloud storage spending next year. The report predicts that spending on public cloud computing storage services will double in the next two years. Public cloud storage will likely account for 17 percent of enterprise storage budgets by 2017, an increase from 8 percent today.

“Our research tells us that the top driver overall is growth of file data, but the explosion of rich media data, especially high-definition video and other digital media, is creating some significant storage challenges in certain markets, such as entertainment and surveillance,” said Simon Robinson, research vice president at 451. “Plus, more organizations are keeping more data to do increasingly sophisticated analysis, which pushes up storage costs.”

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