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Compilers - Page 4

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Size of C++ executable
by DevX Pro
Does one need a runtime DLL for an .exe file written with MFC in Visual C++? Can one make a standalone .exe program with C++ that is small and easily portable?
A Workaround for Namespace-less Compilers
by Danny Kalev
Since namespaces are relatively new in C++, some compilers do not support this feature yet. To workaround this lack of support, you can use struct holding static member ...
C/C++ Linking
by DevX Pro
If I make a C++ library and supply it to a client who does not have a C++ compiler, can they call my C++ functions from their C routines? That is, is it possible to use the C++ library without having a C++ compiler installed (on UNIIX).
What Happens When an Inline Function Cannot be Inlined?
by Danny Kalev
Not every function that is declared inline can actually be inlined by the compiler. A function that has local variables, loops, or an extensive amount of code cannot be inlined efficiently. In this ...
Enhancing Performance of Legacy Software
by Danny Kalev
When you port pure C code to a C++ compiler, you may discover slight performance degradation. This is not a fault in the programming language or the compiler, but a matter of compiler tuning. All you ...
Member Alignment
by Danny Kalev
Manual calculation of a struct/class size is not just an indication of poor design and a source of maintenance problems; it may also lead to bugs that are very hard to ...
Explicit Template Instantiation
by Danny Kalev
Pre-Defined Macros
by Danny Kalev
All C/C++ compilers define the following ...
Allow the Java Compiler to Remove Debug Code
by Randy Kahle
The Java compiler will optimize your application by removing code ...
Compilers: Which is best?
by DevX Pro
Which model of C/C++ compiler offers the best value for a beginning programmer? (It must be ANSI C compatible.)
Exception specifications
by DevX Pro
I recently learned that the C++ draft standard requires that an implementation not perform any static checking on a function's exception specification (aside from inherited virtual functions and function pointers). This makes the following legal (copied from the standard, sec 15.4 par 10): extern void f() throw(X, Y); void g() throw(X) { f(); // OK } Question 1: Why would they do such a thing? Question 2: Are lint-like tools available that can give warnings about these situations? It seems to me that without any static checking, the throw specifer is all but useless for a typical project.
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