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Error/Exception Handling

Exception Handling
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Decoding General Compiler Error Messages
by Kumar Arvind
The information in this tip can help C++ beginners decipher some common general compiler errors.
Determining Merge Errors in a Typed DataSet
by Srinath MS
Discover the underlying cause of Merge Constraint errors when merging DataSets.
Use the Visual Studio Watch Window to See Exception Details
by Srinath MS
Here's a quick way to see detailed information about an exception while debugging in Visual Studio.
Error Using JavaScript's this Keyword
by Raymond Kenneth
In some cases, using the this keyword can cause errors.
Fixing Settings and Configuration Errors in .NET
by Ed Churnside
Sometimes, adding default settings will result in your program throwing a generic error in the app.config file.
Calling C Libraries from .NET
by Saroj Kabra
Use the following code to display a message box whenever the library raises an error.
Use an XMLReporter for Report Customizable Errors in StAX Applications
by Leonard Anghel
Find out how to customize the error reports in StAX applications.
Create Your Own Exception
by Leonard Anghel
Learn how to create your own exception.
Improved JavaScript Error Handling
by Srinath MS
Learn how to improve your JavaScript error handling by using this small script on your Web pages.
Range Checking Vectors
by Kevin Spiteri
Find out how to safely access vector elements.
Print the Stack Trace of the Exception to a String
by Sujata De
When an exception occurs, this code snippet will print the stack trace of the exception to a string. This way, the exception stack trace at runtime can be recorded in log file.
Page Fault Errors in DataGrid During Record Deletion
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Learn about this efficient method of handling page fault errors in the DataGrid during record deletion.
Throw Granular and Helpful Exceptions in Your Code
by Sujata De
Learn how to create your own customized user-oriented exception framework.
A Better Way to Validate a Node Checkbox in a Treeview
by Eric van Blokland
This tip provides a workaround for validating a noce checkbox in a treeview.
Uploading a Large Number of Records in DB2
by Gautham Muthuravichandran
A myriad of database configuratrion issues can pop up while you're performing database-intensive operations. This tip outlines solutions to some common problems.
Remove the "Parameter Has Not Been Used in the Function" Warning
by Navin Pai
Learn about the various way to remove the warning you get for not making use of the parameter that's been passed to a function.
Avoid SQL Exceptions when Executing the Same Query Multiple Times
by Ravi Naraharasetty
Find out one reason you may be getting exceptions when you run the same query multiple times.
Send an Exception to a JSP Error Page from a Servlet
by Massimo Zerbini
Use this code to have your JSP error page access the implicit object exception to extract an error message.
How to Write Userdefined Exceptions
by Elayaraja David
Changing the Attributes of a File
Changing the Attributes of a File
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