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How to Pass Parameters from a Java Applet to an HTML File
by Sergejs Svitnevs
This tip includes a sample applet and a sample HTML file that will show you how to pass parameters from a Java applet to an HTML file.
Printing the Contents Displayed in an Applet
by Kameswari Sreedharan
Find out how to print the contents that are displayed in an applet.
Make Your Servlet Code Reusable
by M. Sarath Babu
Find out how you can save time by implementing your logic in the service() method.
Configure the Behavior of Servlets While They Are Loaded
by Amit Tuli
Find out how to use the initialization parameter to configure the behavior of servlets while they are loaded.
Make Your Program Both an Applet and an Application
by Matthew Johnson
Debugging Variables Made Easy
by Mark Buckley
At one time or another, all ASP progrmmers have used RESPONSE.WRITE to write out a variable on the screen, ensuring that the variable is passing correctly or has the correct value. Then, when the ...
Convert a Short Filename Into a Long Filename
by Alex Leyfman
You can use the Dir( ) function to return a long filename, but the return does not include path information. By parsing a given short path/filename into its constituent directories, you can use ...
Use ASP in your .js, .vb, and .css Files
by Chris Craft
Open Internet Services Manager from the Administrative Tools group.
Trim the Contents of the Text Box
by Narender Saraswati
This tip will trim the contents in the input box of an HTML page using java script. Call the Trim function by sending the Textbox element as the parameter. ...
Minimizing Flicker in Animation
by Nitin Garg
Flickering in animation is caused due to the default behavior ...
Exchanging Data Between Java Applets and JavaScript
by Nitin Garg
Public methods and member variables of Java applets are visible to HTML documents. This makes the methods and variables can be accessed using JavaScript. The syntax for doing this is given ...
Viewing Error Outputs From Java Applets in IE
by Nitin Garg
The file Java/Javalog.txt in the Windows directory (i.e. C:\windows\Java.Javalog.txt for windows and C:\winnt\Java\Javalog.txt for NT) contains information for the last applet that was loaded by ...
Opening a Browser in a Browser Window Through an Applet Program
by Manish Kumar
If you want to show online help (HTML Pages or images) through your applet by clicking the Help button or the F1 key or some other icon, you have to invoke the relevant help page in the Browser ...
How to Speed Up Data Transfer Between Servlet and Applet
by Mahesh Chulet
We can speed up the data transfer between servlet and applet in a Web ...
Getting Around a Bug in Testing Your Applets
by Reuben Cleetus
If you've tried using the Java Plugin to test your Applets and got a mysterious "Security Exception," then you've run into a known, but unadvertised bug. For a complete description of the bug, see: ...
How to Convert ADO RecordSet into the HTML Table
by Jitendra Kumar
The following code converts an ADO recordset into an HTML table by using the GetString function of the recordset. This method does not involve the looping or MoveNext method; it directly converts the ...
Multiple Drawing Threads
by DevX Pro
I have written an applet which uses a Graphics object to draw moving circles. However, when multiple threads accesses the same Graphics object, the circles disappear after being on screen for around 5 seconds, without throwing an exception. Why does this happen and how do I cure this?
Counting the Number of Records in a Recordset
by Manoj K.
One of the handy features of working with the ActiveX Data Object (ADO) is the ability to load the results of SQL select statements into a Recordset. Once you have loaded the Recordset, you can ...
Pushing an Applet from a Servlet
by Amit Jain
When trying to use an applet inside a servlet using the applet ...
Querying Your Applet's Browser
by Manoj K.
Sometimes you write an applet that depends on a Microsoft Internet Explorer-specific extension which is not common to all browsers. How do you find out if the browser that's running your applet ...
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