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Authentication - Page 2

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Restricting Modifications to Distribution Lists
by DevX Pro
I would like to know if it is possible to restrict the ability of a user to modify the members of a distribution list (we have users who are adding and removing members of our distribution list via the Address Book).
Disallowing Users from Auto-forwarding E-mail
by DevX Pro
Is there a server-side method to disallow Exchange users from auto-forwarding to external e-mail providers for personal use, especially when they leave the company?
Making the Permissions Tab Appear
by DevX Pro
I am trying to set up delegate rights on different clients in a domain. However, when I try to pull up the Properties tab on folders on some of the machines, the Permissions tab doesn't appear. On some machines it is there. I have reinstalled Outlook logged on to a client as domain administrator, local administrator, and user and still there's no Properties tab. How can I get permissions to see the Permissions tab?
View-only Admin Permissions
by DevX Pro
Is there an NT Account Operator equivalent in Exchange?
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