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Minimize the Use of the endl Manipulator
by Danny Kalev
Many programmers append the endl manipulator after each cout expression, as ...
Tied iostream Objects
by Danny Kalev
The standard streams cin and cout are automatically tied to each other. This means that whenever you're using both of them, C++ ensures that their operation is synchronized. In other words, if you ...
iostream Objects and Complex Numbers
by Danny Kalev
The standard stream objects support all built-in types as well as several classes of the Standard Library, e.g., std::string. If you're using complex arithmetic, you'd be pleased to hear that C++ ...
Informix to SQL 7
by DevX Pro
How do I convert Informix Database to SQL Server 7, or even to Access?
Prefer Stringstream Objects to Strstream Objects
by Danny Kalev
In pre-standard C++, the strstream family of classes was used as buffered stream classes. These classes are now considered deprecated; you should use the stringstream family of classes instead. For ...
Exporting a Table Informix 7.25
by DevX Pro
How do I export only one table, then import the same table back into Informix?
Connecting to SQL Server 7 via MS-DOS 6.2
by DevX Pro
I have some complex engine control software that has to run under MS-DOS 6.2, but it needs to transfer data to SQL Server 7. What's the best way to connect to SQL Server from DOS?
DTS to Excel File
by DevX Pro
I tried a DTS export of a table to an Excel file. The data types of all the columns in the table are varchar. When it exports to the Excel file, Excel forces every column to be text. So every value of every cell has a single quote before it (not in the cell itself, but in the value shown right below the toolbar). Since the other system that's going to process the Excel file does not expect the single quote, the process always fails. How do I get rid of the single quote?
Software to Convert Informix dat to dbf
by DevX Pro
Is there any software that will convert database files from Informix to dbf files?
Copying Files
by DevX Pro
Is there a simple way of copying a file from one directory to another?
Return Values from Java to Unix
by DevX Pro
I am calling a java program from a Unix script and passing three parameters. Once the Java program is done, I want to return two values back to the Unix program from the Java program. How do I return data back from a Java program to a Unix script?
TextField Max Characters
by DevX Pro
How do I restrict the number of characters to be entered in a TextField?
Data Conversion
by DevX Pro
What is the most efficient method of converting Informix data in a Unix operating system to text or dbf data in an NT operating system (size = 8GB)?
Synchronization Between File Writes and Reads
by DevX Pro
How do I determine if a Unix process has stopped writing to a file, so that my Java program can start reading it?
Zip a Directory In Java
by Behrouz Fallahi
Through its java.util.zip package, Java provides you with an easy ...
Mouse Click Coordinate
by DevX Pro
I know how to detect a mouse click with a MouseListener, but how do I obtain the coordinates associated with the click?
Tackling a Common Bug With scanf()
by Danny Kalev
In legacy code and environments that support C exclusively, using scanf() is still a widespread method of getting input from a user (or a file, when using fscanf()). When using this function, beware ...
Entering Information Into Two Tables at Once
by DevX Pro
I have two tables: Items_table: Item_id (primary key) Description (foreign key) Item_price Descrip_table: Description (primary key) Item_type How do I enter information into the two Description columns simultaneously?
Filling a Field with Data
by DevX Pro
How can I fill a numeric field with a sequence of numbers using SQL? For example, I want a field named NUMBER to contain the numbers 1 for the first row, 3 for the second row, 5 for the third row, etc.
Textfield Alignment
by DevX Pro
How do I right align numbers in a textfield?
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