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DHTML - Page 4

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Create a DHTML Combo Box
by Mike Gasperino
In Visual Basic, the standard combo box lets you store an Index to its data. For instance, a user would see in the list an employee name but not an associated employeeID. The ID would be stored in ...
Challenge With JavaScript and Frames
by DevX Pro
I would like to put my entire alternative no frames content in the NOFRAMES element instead of just a link to it. The advantage to this would be a better ranking in search engines by having your keywords repeated in your content. My dilemma is that I use a JavaScript rollover code that has a HEAD section. In the frameset declaration document, I don't think I can place a second HEAD element within the NOFRAMES tag. I've actually seen it done once for a meta refresh. Seems like a great idea, but I'm wary of putting two HEAD tags in a document, which is an HTML error. Do you have any feedback?
by DevX Pro
How can I get data from a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) server and display it in a Web page? On a Visual Basic form, I can use a text box and use Network Dynamic Data Exchange (NetDDE) with the link topic \\K_dde\NDDE$|icomwdrv-LCNS_Link$, and my link item is T4:0,L1,C1. The data is automatically linked and displayed in the text box. This approach also works with a Visual Basic ActiveX document, which is then hosted by Internet Explorer 4.0. How can I accomplish the same thing in HTML or VBscript on a Web page? Is DDE supported by DHTML or VBScript? If not is there another way to accomplish the same thing?
Netscape DIV Tags
by DevX Pro
How do I make the contents of one DIV (divA) equal to the contents of another DIV (divB) in Netscape? I know that in Microsoft Internet Explorer the code would be divA.innerHTML = divB.innerHTML Thanks for your help.
Component Fails When Used Within ASP
by DevX Pro
I am working on system that is built from many pieces, but they all use certain common settings. I developed a simple ActiveX DLL that reads those settings from the registry. The system works nicely in Windows 95. It also works fine in Windows NT 4 when I use this DLL within some executable, but it fails in NT when I use this DLL within Active Server Pages, which are also part of my project. The object is initialized correctly, but as soon as I invoke a method that reads registry settings it fails. Why does this component behave differently within standard EXE and ASP?
Collision Detection in DHTML
by Steve Renaker
Collision detection is a fundamental part of game programming. It is also useful for many other aspects of user interface design. Being able to tell if one screen object has collided with another ...
Permission Error When Submitting a Form
by DevX Pro
I have created a simple form, but when I try to submit it, a message appears saying that it doesn't have permission. The CGI file is on my hard disk as well as the HTML page. I am using Windows 95. How can I create a form and submit it if both files (the HTML page and the CGI file) are on the same hard disk and access to the files is not made through the Web?
Redirecting to a Frame Set
by DevX Pro
How can you tell whether a Web page that a user loads is in a frame or not? If the page is not in a frame, I want to redirect the user to a frame.
Create Page Breaks in an HTML Document
by DevX Pro
Is there any way (using an HTML tag or a script) to force a page break at a certain point in an HTML document when it is being printed? For example, my Web page is about five printed pages long. When it is being printed, I would like to control where the page breaks occur.
DHTML Window Redraw
by DevX Pro
Is there any way to control the redrawing/repainting of the open window/document? Specifically, I have to change page elements (labels, cursor style) before calling some time intensive task. I have successfully implemented changes to the cursor style but it doesn't always change the display of the mouse cursor immediately.
ISDN Telephone Number
by DevX Pro
I am looking for a way to get a telephone number off an ISDN card and into a Visual Basic 5.0 application. Can you help me? If you can't help, can you please give me some tips of where I can get this information?
Highlight Content in Response to User Mouseover Using DHTML/CSS
by Erik Goetze
You can use Dynamic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to change the color of text on the fly. This functionality can be useful for highlighting a portion of text. This feature appears to have ...
HTML File to Download CAB File
by DevX Pro
I have a CAB file produced by Wise Installation System 7.0 that contains an application setup.exe. I need to create an HTML file that will download the CAB file. The INF in the CAB file should kick off the actual setup.exe. The problem is that the EXE is not an active EXE and does not have a Class ID. Wise Solutions' technical support told me that they don't support Internet Explorer and that this is a Microsoft question. How do I associate a Class ID with the CAB file in order to reference it in the OBJECT section of the HTML file? Is there a better way? Can I even do this? Do I have to http to the EXE and forget the CAB file? I have searched through MSDN library for anything on Class IDs and couldn't find anything related to this particular topic. I would appreciate if you could assist me in any way.
Determining if a ToElement Exists
by DevX Pro
In a VBScript function I assign the window.event.ToElement to an object for some functionality. The problem is that if the mouse is moved outside of the browser window, the toElement causes an "object not found" to occur. How can I check if the toElement exists before using it, or if the mouse has moved outside of the window?
Dynamically Change Another Opened Window
by DevX Pro
I am having trouble creating a site where customers can click something in a parent window and have a picture appear in another child window. I then want customers to be able to click something else in the parent window and have another picture show up in the same child window as before (the customer can keep clicking). I want to use DHTML for the sake of simplicity and also because I do not want the child window to have to refresh itself every time the customer clicks something new. What would be a simple solution to this problem? I have read up on the "window" object (the top of the object hierarchy) but it seems that in DHTML, an event can only affect a tag in the same windows that the event is in. I would appreciate any advice you can give.
Event Handling for Dynamically Added Objects
by DevX Pro
I have used InsertAdjacentHTML to insert a dynamic number of images onto a page in Internet Explorer 4. Having given the new images a single ID, I can refer to images in the script using I[0], I[1], etc., and alter properties for each image. However, events seem to be ignored for all of these images. Can you tell me why this is happening in IE and how I can create a cross-browser solution?
insertAdjacentHTML Causing Inserted HTML to Appear
by DevX Pro
I need to figure out a way to insert a chunk of HTML after the begin tag of the body element without causing the HTML that is in view to be scrolled to make space for the new HTML to be inserted. I am implementing a "Line Up" function, and part of the process is to insert more content (if it is available) if the user has already scrolled through all the content in the page. So let's say that the user is at the top of page 3. When the user performs a "line up" operation I want to display the bottom of page 2. But all I can do is display all of page 2 because the insertAdjacentHTML method inserts the HTML and pushes down page 3. Any help would be appreciated.
Single Quote Marks in a SQL Query
by DevX Pro
I have built several pages that use VBScript to pull information from a Microsoft Access database. My problem is that if a user tries to use a single quote ' in the form supplied, SQL blows up because of an unterminated single quote mark in the query string. Is there a way to encapsulate the single quote?
Padding Effect
by DevX Pro
I'm trying to create a padding effect around this box of text that glides on to the screen from the right. I need to have it so that the text doesn't touch the box edges. I've tried paddingLeft and a border, which are applied to style objects, but this doesn't seem to do anything. Any ideas? A rapid student ID Card production system, part of the enrollment process, that can link to the host database used for storing student and staff data. A client-server application, running on standard PC's, attaches to any ODBC compliant database, including Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, Informix and MS Access. ICE retrieves the relevant card information from fields directly within the host database and after printing, stores the images for later use.
Printing from Browser
by DevX Pro
Is there a way to print an HTML page (perhaps using VBScript or JavaScript) without the user clicking on the print button?
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