DB2 Migrate to Oracle 8i?!

DB2 Migrate to Oracle 8i?!

This tip provided by Experts Exchange

DB2 Migrate to Oracle 8i?!


This tip provided by Experts Exchange.



Hi all,
One of our client want to migrate their existing database system DB2 to Oracle8i. I searched the IBM
and Oracle website but still couldn’t find any hint. In my opinion, I willexport DB2 to OS file and
import it to Oracle 8i. But I couldn’t find which file format that Oracle 8iimport utility supported?
Would you mind give me some suggestion!


Accepted Answer:


The Oracle import utility is for reading dumps created with Oracle’s exportutility.
You may have to use a delimited file and use Oracle’s Sql*Loader utility toload each table.





There is a better way to migrate a schema and data from DB2 to Oracle

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