JDK 7 Developer Preview Now Available

JDK 7 Developer Preview Now Available

After fixing 456 bugs, Oracle says the new version of Java SE Development Kit version 7 (JDK 7) is ready for testing by developers. According to the company, the release includes improvements in modularization, multi-language support, developer productivity and performance. It also improves compatibility with dynamic languages like Ruby and Python.

“If you’ve been watching JDK7 development from the sidelines,” said Oracle’s Mark Reinhold, “then now is a great time to download a build and take it for a spin. See if your favorite project still compiles and runs; see if it runs any faster than before; or try out one of the many new features.”

Those who choose to download the release from the site must accept an agreement which grants a limited license to view the source code internally for the purposes of evaluation only.

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