70% of Survey Respondents Use Agile Software Development Processes

70% of Survey Respondents Use Agile Software Development Processes

A new survey of SD Times readers found that 70 percent of those surveyed used some agile software development processes in their work. The most popular agile method was Scrum, adopted by 39 percent of respondents. Other popular agile methodologies included test-driven development (22 percent), feature-driven development (15.3 percent), lean software development (14.2 percent) and extreme programming (10.2 percent).

“Development managers and corporate IT managers have gotten the word about agile,” said principal analyst Alan Zeichick. “But that doesn’t mean that they’ve necessarily bought into the named methodologies. While the use of Scrum indicates its strong position, development organizations are also rolling their own, picking and choosing the parts of agile that best fit their needs and cultures.”

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