Microsoft Details Windows 8 on ARM

Microsoft Details Windows 8 on ARM

In a lengthy blog post, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky has revealed more details about the company’s plans for running Windows 8 on devices that use ARM processors. First, apps created for the Windows 8 Metro interface will work both on Intel-based PCs and ARM devices. However, Windows on ARM (WOA) will not run legacy Windows apps.

WOA will offer Office 15 and many of the traditional interface features that Windows users are used to. “Using WOA ‘out of the box’ will feel just like using Windows 8 on x86/64. You will sign in the same way. You will start and launch apps the same way. You will use the new Windows Store the same way,” Sinofsky explained.

However, he added that WOA will offer some new features like the “Connected Standby” mode, which means users won’t need to turn the devices off, and better power management features.

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