The Eclipse Foundation Turns 10

The Eclipse Foundation Turns 10

The Eclipse Foundation, the non-profit organization that oversees the Eclipse IDE and related projects, was first announced on Feb. 2, 2004, meaning that it has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Originally, the foundation included 50 members responsible for 19 projects, but it now encompasses 205 members and 247 projects.

Mike Taylor, president and CEO of Instantiations, called the Eclipse Foundation “one of the most successful and high impact open-source software efforts in history.” He added, “Millions and millions of people and companies have based their software development and applications on Eclipse. For this community to have hung together and created such stunningly effective software for so many years is the real tribute to the technology.”

“Having begun its life as a bold experiment in corporate open source contribution, the Eclipse Foundation has over the past decade evolved from a focused Java development project to a diverse community supporting a wide array of languages and needs,” stated Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst at RedMonk. “From browser based development to the Internet of Things, Eclipse is always willing to rethink its role and adapt itself to the fast changing industry around it.”

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