#1: XML

#1: XML

Learning XML requires a basic understanding of WWW, HTML, and Web scripting languages such as JavaScript or VBScript. Many of the following articles were written around the time that XML first started to make a splash in the development world. But the information is still valid. Start with the fundamentals and move down the list to more sophisticated concepts.

Project Cool’s XML QuickStart
An Introduction to XML for Java Programmers
XML: Code Format of the Future?

Mozilla’s Potpourri of Rendered XML
Multilingual Web Pages with ASP and XML
Take Advantage of XML Using VB and ASP

Compressing XMLPart I, Writing WBXML
Compressing XMLPart II, Server-Side WBXML
Serve Business Graphics from Any XML Source
Implement a One-Stop Authentication Web Service with .NET
Build an XML Based Scheduling Utility

Convert XML Documents into Different Formats with the XSL Template Language
Convert a Text File to XML
Take a Lesson from a Class Act
Transform Your Data With XSL
Generate PDF Files Dynamically Using XSL-FO
Shrinking Code With the XML Parser

DTDs and XML Schema:
Generating XML From ADO Recordsets
Applying XML Schema to XML Documents
The Tao of Recursion: Named Templates in XSLT
Converting Fixed-Width Text Records to XML
Convert Schemas to Documents

XPath & XQuery:
Introduction to XQuery (A Four Part Series)
Integrating XML into ASP.NET Web Sites

DevX eLearning: Introduction to XML 1.0, Second Edition
DevX eLearningL: XML 1.0 Series, Second Edition
DevX eLearning:Technical Web Development Package
Introduction to XML

Good Links:
O’Reilly XML.com
The Cover Pages
W3Schools: XML Tutorial

Discussion Groups:
DevX xml.general Discussion Group
The Cover Pages: SGML/XML Discussion Groups and Mailing Lists
TopXML Online Discussions

Learning XML, by Erik T. Ray.
Get the Basics on “XHTML”, by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy.

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