Best Productivity Apps to Make Your Work Bearable in 2023

Best Productivity Apps to Make Your Work Bearable in 2023

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Are there times when days feel longer, but you can’t seem to get anything done at the office? Sometimes, a lag seems to be present in the workspace, and working to motivate your staff seems nearly impossible. So, what happens now?

If you’re wondering how to boost productivity without overstretching, then you’ve come to the right place.

Many apps work to help you organize, stay focused, and accomplish more work without burning out or leaning into frustration.

Here are some of our favorite productivity tools to help you maximize each hour and boost your profits while at it.


Sometimes, it is practically impossible to get anything done when there are YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and other distracting apps on your phone.

The urge to keep scrolling is insatiable, and we end up wasting too much time. So, if you think you’re struggling with weak impulse control and need extra help, then Freedom is the best thing to happen.

Freedom is an app that helps you manage the distractions in your devices, it runs on all your platforms, and you can block apps and websites that you deem distracting.

But that’s not the best part. With Freedom, you get to block access across all your devices, meaning there’s no way you block Twitter on your phone and then log in on your desktop.

Create a block list of multiple websites and apps, and set timers for them.

So if there’s some workload you keep procrastinating because you can’t seem to tear away from that app or that documentary, you know what to do.


Are you tired of clicking ‘forget password’ every time you have to log in anywhere, and are you finding it impossible to keep track of all those password remixes?

Or perhaps you’re worried that the password you created at twelve isn’t your safest bet?

How do you ensure you’re never locked out from sites and apps for security reasons, or how do you keep your accounts safe from breaches and unauthorized access?

Well, stress no more. It is high time you get yourself a password manager.

LastPass is a great password manager that does all the heavy lifting for you, including creating, remembering, and filling out passwords.

Who thought it would be possible to leave your personal information safe on your devices? In addition, you won’t have to fill out your credit card information or addresses anytime you make an online purchase.

In addition, you need to share access with other parties; you can share this information safely with family or colleagues via Lastpass.

The best thing about this cool app is that it’s absolutely free.


Nothing stings more than losing all your ideas on a project because you couldn’t place them in time. In addition, brainstorming is not restricted to working hours, so what happens when you get an incredible idea while fishing or at the grocery store?

Coggle is a great mind-mapping software that helps you keep track of your ideas and the connection between them.

It makes it clear to understand complex information and share it. It also makes it easier for shared workspaces to work more effectively.

Coggle is a great way of breaking down each idea into its components. To help with memory, it also allows you to position ideas spatially, with different sizes and colors.

This app gives you a platform to visualize your thinking, whether studying, working, or even just going about your day.

Coggle is a free app, and it doesn’t plan to add any premiums any time soon. In addition, it promises to always protect your data, keep backups and keep our information secure.


Productivity isn’t strictly about your job duties. Are you finding it difficult to interact with your colleagues even in virtual spaces, and are you struggling to maintain your office relationships? It is high time you work on your social skills and get it over with.

To help you get started, you can download the Hily app to help you with your conversation and social skills.

If anything, this app will keep you from troublesome office affairs, and it’s easier to focus on work when you don’t have to stress about dates or getting laid. It’s a win either way.

Toggl Track

toggl track

Is time getting away from you?

Are you spending your days super busy, but you have nothing to show for it, or are you finding it hard to meet deadlines or accomplish tasks in a decent time? Are you worried that time is getting away from you and you have no control anymore?

Stop and take a deep breath because Toggle is here for you. As a time tracking software, Toggle Track helps to boost your performance and make money from your time.

The app outlines your entries in a calendar format and integrates with your Outlook and Google calendars. In addition, you can track time online and offline, whether on your phone or desktop, and then manually add the details later.

Although tracking time is free, you can unload a bucket load of cool features by going premium. Nevertheless, you still enjoy a 14-day trial with no required credit card.

Look at the projects and tasks you spend the most time on, and align your priorities to preserve your sanity.

Noizer One

If we’re being honest, all the time tracking software and note apps are not enough to get you motivated, let alone productive.

If you want to get the most out of your time without actually going insane, all you have to do is open Noizer One and visit your happy space.

This website and app place you in your favorite setting by playing sounds you find relaxing and comforting.

Whether you like the sound of a busy street, a clock chiming, a croaking frog, or ocean waves, Noizer One has it all, and there are hundreds of noises you could pick from, depending on what you like. The noises split into different categories such as ASMR, Tweak, Color Noise, Background, and Location. You even get the option to mix and match numerous sounds if you’re looking to recreate a particular environment.

Noizer One gives you the ability to mimic any environment, making it easier to make transitions in your physical workspaces.


We can agree that productivity is pretty subjective and varies depending on personal goals and workload.

But we can’t act like these apps are not life savers. There are other productivity apps you could use to achieve different goals, so try them all before deciding which one is the best for your needs.

What are some of the productivity apps you swear by? Share them down below. We would love to hear from you.


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