Best Wireless Security Cameras with Remote Viewing for Your Small Business

Best Wireless Security Cameras with Remote Viewing for Your Small Business

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With so much of the modern world online now, it can feel like cybersecurity risks are around every corner. And for the most part, they are. There is no shortage of cybercriminals or major tech companies looking to access your private data. However, with so much emphasis on the digital world, it can sometimes be easy to forget about security in the real world. As important as protecting yourself in the digital world is, it is still just as important to stay safe in the real world. Protecting yourself, your family, your home, and your business is just as crucial as ever. Luckily, new technological innovations make security easier than ever before. In this review, we will look at some of the best wireless security camera systems with remote viewing for protecting your business.

Best Wireless Security Camera Systems with Remote Viewing

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

The first security system we will take a look at is the Reolink Argus 3 Pro. The Reolink Argus 3 Pro is a relatively inexpensive option at around $110 per camera. As with all the entries on this list, the Argus 3 Pro offers users the ability for remote viewing at all times. Furthermore, this camera from Reolink comes with a solar charging battery, meaning users shouldn’t have to worry about constant battery replacements.

Other features of the Argus 3 Pro include a 2-way audio system, 2k video resolution, and a high-power spotlight. The Reolink Argus 3 Pro comes with a localized storage system so that video files can be accessed at any time. The camera also features night vision technology ensuring your business stays protected even in the dark. Customers who purchase this camera also receive a longer warranty period than most other security cameras on the market.

Google Nest Cam

Next on our list is the Nest Cam from Google. Pricing for the Google Nest Cam starts as low as $99 per camera, with discounted offers for bulk purchasing. One of the biggest features of the Nest Cam is its integration with google products. Users will receive alerts on their devices as long as they have the Google Home app. Users can make use of zoom capabilities and two-way audio as they check their device remotely.

The Google Nest Cam received an IP rating of 66, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement. In the event of a wifi outage, the Nest Cam will automatically store up to 1 hour of footage on a local drive. The only downsides to the Google Nest Cam system are that its range is limited to about 65 feet of visibility, and the system doesn’t come with its own hard drive. Other than that the Nest Cam is a great option for those seeking basic security camera utility.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera is one of the top security options on the market. The camera starts at around $200 per camera. The Arlo Pro 4 is battery-powered and extremely easy to install. Arlo offers monthly subscription plans starting at $2.99 per month that grant the user access to bonus features and security support.

The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight camera comes with built-in night vision, 2k camera resolution, and a built-in spotlight feature. The Pro 4 Spotlight camera features smart tech integration capability and a 2-way audio system. When integrated the Arlo Pro 4 will send updates to your smartphone when motion is detected. With top-of-the-line features and quality, the Arlo Pro 4 is perfect for protecting your business.

Barn Owl

Last but not least, we recommend taking a look at the Barn Owl cellular security system. Developed by former military individuals, the Barn Owl system offers truly high-end security. One of the biggest benefits of the Barn Owl system is that it can function both online and offline. This means that even in the case of a wifi or power outage the Barn Owl system will still secure your business. 

The Barn Owl system is incredibly easy to set up and offers a number of quality features. The Barn Owl security system has high-power infrared cameras that enable users to see up to 100 feet in the dark. The cameras are waterproof, making them suitable for deployment both inside and outdoors. Pricing for the Barn Owl camera system starts at $239 but offers free shipping and a 45-day trial period with full refunds.


Even in today’s world, protecting your business is crucial. There are a number of great options for wireless security camera systems, including the ones listed above. With the ability to access footage and audio remotely at any time, you can ensure your small business is safe at any time or place. While the aforementioned options are fantastic, there are many other great options out there. Do the research and choose the wireless security camera that best suits your small business needs.


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