Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Yes, these shortcuts are in the manual, somewhere, but it’s helpfulto brush up on them. Using keystrokes is usually faster than using themouse to do the same thing. Photocopy these tips and stick them to yourmonitor until you’ve memorized them: Code Window Control Menu Box Alt and Dash accesses the control menu box of a code window. Thus,you can use these keystrokes:
* Alt-Dash-x: Maximize the current code window.
* Alt-Dash-n: Minimize the current code window.
* Alt and F4: Close the code window.
Navigating through Code Window Text
* Ctrl and Home: Move to the start of code window text.
* Ctrl and End: Move to the end of code window text. Add the
Shift key to select an entire code window: Ctrl+Home, then Ctrl+Shift+End.
* Home: Move to the left end of the current line.
* Shift and End: Select the entire line.
* Ctrl and Right arrow: Move one word to the right (add Shiftto select).
* Ctrl and Left arrow: Move one word to the left (add Shiftto select).
Navigating through Procedures
* Ctrl and Up: Move to the previous procedure in the current codewindow.
* Ctrl and Down: Move to the next procedure in the current codewindow.
* F2: Open the View Procedures window for moving directly toother procedures, e
ither in the current module or in other modules.
* Alt and Space: Accesses the control menu box of the main VB
menu window (or of any nonchild Windows window).

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