Sorting MSFlexGrid

Sorting MSFlexGrid

Ever wonder how to get the MSFlexGrid to have sorting behavior common inmany Windows applications? That is to say when you double-click on acolumns header it sorts ascending. Double-click again and it sortsdescending. The following code demonstrates the basic modificationsnecessary to make this work. Note: In this sample flexSortGenericAscendingand flexSortGenericDescending are used. Of course you can modify this tosort more specifically based on the column.

 =====================================================================Prerequisites:  Add a grdInformation to your form and populate it.=====================================================================Private mintMyRow As Integer            'Holds Last RowPrivate mintMyCol As Integer            'Holds Last ColPrivate mintLastSort(8) As Integer      'Array with column's lastsort value----------------------------------------------------------------------------Private Sub grdInformation_DblClick()    If mintMyRow = 0 Then             'On header row?    If mintLastSort(mintMyCol) = 1 Then 'Already sorted ascending?      grdInformation.Sort = 2      mintLastSort(mintMyCol) = 2       'Generic Descending    Else      grdInformation.Sort = 1      mintLastSort(mintMyCol) = 1       'Generic Ascending    End If  End If    End Sub----------------------------------------------------------------------------Private Sub grdInformation_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, xAs Single, y As Single)    mintMyRow = grdInformation.MouseRow    mintMyCol = grdInformation.MouseCol  End Sub
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