Simple variables are always faster than array elements

Reading and writing an item of an array is always slower than accessing a simple variable. Therefore, if you need to repeatedly use the same array item in a loop, you should assign it to a temporary variable and use that variable instead. I’ve included an example of this technique that scans an Integer arrays to see if there are any duplicate values:

Function AnyDuplicates(intArray() As Integer) As Boolean    ' returns True if the array holds duplicate values    Dim i As Long, j As Long,     Dim lastItem As Long    Dim value As Integer    ' evaluate UBound() just once    lastItem = UBound(intArray)    For i = LBound(intArray) To lastItem        ' storing intArray(i) into a non-array variable        ' saves an indexing operation within the inner loop        value = intArray(i)        For j = i + 1 To lastItem            If value = intArray(j) Then                AnyDuplicates = True                Exit Function            End If        Next    Next    ' no duplicates were found    AnyDuplicates = FalseEnd Function

The routine is based upon two nested loops and saves CPU time by caching the value of intArray(i) into a regular, non-array variable. This simple trick makes the routine up to 80 percent faster.

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