ArrayShuffle – Randomize the order of elements in an array

ArrayShuffle – Randomize the order of elements in an array

' Shuffle the elements of an array of any type' (it doesn't work with arrays of objects or UDT)Sub ArrayShuffle(arr As Variant)    Dim index As Long    Dim newIndex As Long    Dim firstIndex As Long    Dim itemCount As Long    Dim tmpValue As Variant        firstIndex = LBound(arr)    itemCount = UBound(arr) - LBound(arr) + 1        For index = UBound(arr) To LBound(arr) + 1 Step -1        ' evaluate a random index from LBound to INDEX        newIndex = firstIndex + Int(Rnd * itemCount)        ' swap the two items        tmpValue = arr(index)        arr(index) = arr(newIndex)        arr(newIndex) = tmpValue        ' prepare for next iteration        itemCount = itemCount - 1    NextEnd Sub

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