Multicolored List Box

Multicolored List Box

I have an input file whose structure consists of a code forforeground color, a code for background color, and some text.I’d like to display the text in a scrollable window witheach line set to the appropriate foreground/backgroundcolors. The text box won’t work. grid control looks like it has potential (i haven’t tried it yet).Can you offer any ideas on how i can accomplish this?

Unfortunately, the standard text box doesn’t support any of the things you want, as you’ve already determined. You won’t be able to code this in “straight” VB…you’d have to create a new custom control in C or C++ or, if you’re using a 32-bit version of VB (v4.0 and above) you can create an ActiveX control using the VB5 Control Creation Edition (which you can download from the Microsoft web site). You can’t avoid the limitations of the controls you are currently using. I’d recommend you check at the various archive sites I have in my Internet Resources page for available freeware/shareware controls to accomplish this same purpose.


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