Disconnecting Process with SQLConsole

Disconnecting Process with SQLConsole

I’m running SQLBase Server 5.2.1-PTF8 for Windows NT, and I’m running SQLConsole 1.0.2 on a Workgroups 3.11 client. All clients are WFW3.11 and communicate with the server via TCP/IP.

Whenever I use SQLConsole to disconnect a process, it generates an “access violation” error on the server, and the SQLBase engine shuts down. It seems like this method used to work, but the only changes I’ve made since then are to (1) switch our network from NetBEUI to TCP/IP and (2) upgrade SQLBase from 5.2.0 to 5.2.1.

Is there another way to force users to disconnect from SQLBase?

One way is to use the server timeout=nn keyword. This keyword checks for user inactivity and cancels a user’s session if he’s been inactive for the specified number of minutes.


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