Connecting to a database

Connecting to a database

I noticed that there are 3 different types of connect properties for a session. What’s the difference?

Every session has three different connect properties that are used at three different times in the life of an OPO application.

The DesignConnect property is used as the connect string when you access a database through the session object in Power Objects. The DesignConnect property is also the default connect string at all times, so if either the DesignRunConnect property or the RunConnect property are not present when needed, your application will use the value for the DesignConnect property.

The DesignRunConnect property is used as the connect string when you run your OPO application from the Power Objects design environment.

The RunConnect property is used as the connect string when you run your compiled OPO application.

You can set either the DesignRunConnect or the RunConnect properties to a question mark, which will bring up the default OPO login form as soon as your application needs to connect to the database through the session.

The RunConnect property is the only one of these properties you can modify at run-time, which makes sense, since it is the property that is used to connect at run-time. If you plan to set the RunConnect property yourself at run-time, remember to use the “Connect Manually” setting for the ConnectType property of the session

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