Spell checker

Spell checker

Is there a shareware or vbx that can be implemented to check the spelling of a text box field?

If you know the machine you are running your program on has Microsoft Word,you can use Word to do your spell checking. By creating an object of typeWord.Basic, you can let Word do the work for you. Use the following codeto do it, which is actually part of a MDI frame’s menu choice. You canreplace “ActiveForm.ActiveControl” with the name of the text box you wishto check for spelling. Private Sub mnEditSpell_Click() Dim objWord As Object Dim bSelected As Boolean On Error GoTo mnEditSpell_EH ‘ ‘ Only should spell check text boxes, so bail ‘ out if it isn’t one ‘ If Not IsEditable Then Exit Sub Set objWord = CreateObject(“Word.Basic”) objWord.Visible = False objWord.FileNew objWord.EditClear If ActiveForm.ActiveControl.SelText <> “” Then bSelected = True objWord.Insert ActiveForm.ActiveControl.SelText Else objWord.Insert ActiveForm.ActiveControl.Text End If objWord.StartOfDocument objWord.EndOfDocument (1) objWord.ToolsSpelling objWord.StartOfDocument objWord.EndOfDocument (1) objWord.EditCut With ActiveForm.ActiveControl If bSelected Then .Text = Left$(.Text, .SelStart) & Clipboard.GetText(1) &Right$(.Text, Len(.Text) – (.SelStart + .SelLength)) Else .Text = Clipboard.GetText(1) End If objWord.FileClose (2) .SetFocus End With Exit SubmnEditSpell_EH: ActiveForm.ActiveControl.SetFocus If Err.Number = 51 Then MsgBox “Spelling check is complete.”, vbInformation Else MsgBox Error$, vbExclamation End If Resume NextEnd Sub

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