Set Font Size in Tables Using DHTML

Set Font Size in Tables Using DHTML


In Microsoft Internet Explorer, I can specify a style as

TABLE.listTable { font-size : "10pt"}

and all the cells of the table will have a 10pt font size.

In Netscape, this approach doesn’t work because the font sizes have to be specified for each cell (

), and any font specification you do at the table level doesn’t apply to each cell. Can you suggest a solution so I don’t have to specify something like = "10pt"

and add the CLASS=listTable to each



You can specify a setting for table cells (TD) elements using a style sheet:

  TD { color: red; font-size: larger }

However, you have to be careful of your use of other style and formatting with the table as this can override the TD setting. For instance, not closing a table element, or using nested elements can turn off the global style setting.

For example, define a global style setting using:

and then create a table like this:

Hello there

The table contents will show red, with a larger font size, for Netscape Navigator 4.x and up, and IE 4.x and up, in a Windows environment.


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