Modify XML Using DCOM From the Cache

Modify XML Using DCOM From the Cache

How can I modify and update XML docs that are stored in the cache using a DCOM model (client side)?


Given that caching is an IIS (Internet Information Server) function, there are a couple of different ways that you can do a “simple” workaround, without having to write a lot of ugly code. The first approach is to move all of your XML server files into a single directory, then set the cache mode of the directory to expire automatically. When an XML file is retrieved (when any document is retrieved via HTTP, for that matter), it automatically includes caching instructions, usually set to cache automatically. I know that you can also set the caching model of the document itself in Windows 2000, but I couldn’t swear whether this capability exists in earlier NT implementations.

The second way to disable caching of XML documents is to use ASP (Active Server Pages) to serve the document for you. In this case, the first line of code in the ASP (after the header), is:


This code will automatically cause the page to reload every time it’s accessed.


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