Creating Folders in an Application

Creating Folders in an Application

How do I get my application, developed in PowerBuilder 6.0, to manipulate folders in Windows Explorer? I want it to be able to create folders.

PowerBuilder does not have a built-in function to create folders or directories. To achieve this you must use a Windows API call.

The API call in question is CreateDirectoryA. This function requires a structure. In your object, define the following structure:

 type os_securityattributes from structureunsignedlong      ul_lengthstring      ch_descriptionboolean      b_inheritend type

In your object define the following local external function:

 Function boolean CreateDirectoryA (ref string directoryname, &ref os_securityattributes secattr) library "KERNEL32.DLL"

Create a function that accepts the name of the folder you want to create as a string argument called “as_DirectoryName”. Add the following code to that function:

 os_securityattributes   lstr_Securitylstr_Security.ul_Length = 7SetNull(lstr_Security.ch_description)   //use default securitylstr_Security.b_Inherit = FalseIf CreateDirectoryA(as_DirectoryName, lstr_Security) Then   Return 1Else   Return -1End If

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