Public Folder Synchronization

Public Folder Synchronization

This is a fairly simple problem but I am relatively new to Exchange and Outlook. I am trying to get my folders that are on Exchange to synchronize with the folders that are offline.

Specifically, I create a folder under the Public Folders tab online. I then drag and drop it to my client machine to create an offline version. I set the properties on the offline copy of the folder to be available off line. I then create a post message in both the online and offline copies. I go to the menu bar and choose Synchronize This Folder, but nothing happens. If the synchronization is bidirectional, then two mail messages should appear in each copy of the public folder.

I’m probably setting up the offline folder incorrectly, but cannot figure out in what manner…

Can you help?

To get a public folder to synchronize, you need to copy it (not move it) to the Favorites folder under Public Folders. Then you can right-click on the folder there and set the synchronization settings.


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