Duplicate Holidays on Outlook Calendar

Duplicate Holidays on Outlook Calendar

Because my work and home computers were accidentally set to different time zones when I imported Calendar info from one system to the other, I ended up with multiple instances of the same holiday on the same date?three Christmases on December 25th.

Although I can go through the current year and delete the extra holidays?or even all holidays?as soon as I browse to a new year the multiple instances reappear. I searched for an .ini file and searched the Registry but nothing looked related.

How do I get rid of these extra entries?

The easiest way to resolve this is to change your calendar view to By Category and then right-click the Holiday category heading and select Delete.

After you’ve done that you’ll want to reimport the Holidays (just once) by going to Tools | Options | Calendar Options and clicking the Add Holidays button.

Or you could keep the extra holiday entries and just tell your boss you’re taking the extra days off.


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