Problem with Client SDK Driver Version 2.4

Problem with Client SDK Driver Version 2.4

After I install this driver, I see the error message when starting Lotus Notes Application: “The application uses CTL3D32.DLL, which is not the correct version. This version of CTL3D32.DLL is designed only for Windows NT systems.”

I also cannot replicate the database for the Lotus Notes (LEI).

I’ve seen this problem often. The ctl3d32.dll file is replaced during the installation of quite a number of products. I’m assuming you’re running Windows 98. The file is in WindowsSystem.

Replace it with the correct one. Just copy it from another Windows 98 machine. As an aside, I’ve never seen problems from the wrong ctl3d32.dll other than this error message.

I have no idea why your Lotus Notes won’t replicate. Check to see what changed in the installation. Maybe something changed in the path or environment.

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